Writer & Author Coaching

1. Who I Am

Professionally published since 1996, I am the author of twenty-one fiction books, one anthology and one work of nonfiction. I have been published by Orbit (Little, Brown/Time Warner), Prime Books (US), PS Publishing (UK), Infinity Plus Books (UK), and NewCon Press (UK). My short stories have sold to a wide and varied selection of publishers. I am well known on the genre scene, with which I’ve been associated in some form or another for well over three decades.

I have given extemporised talks and discussions at various events, both online and off. I was one of the two managers of the Shrewsbury Library Writers’ Lab, which seeks to inspire, encourage and assist new and upcoming writers in my locality.

2. What I Offer

I offer a wide range of writer and author coaching, ranging from the creative stuff – ideas, inspiration, execution – through writing itself, to critiques of pieces of prose. I am professional, friendly and approachable, with an informal style. Day jobs earlier in my life were mostly in the field of education, which has given me a thorough understanding of how and why people learn.

I expect to be working over the internet, i.e. via Zoom or other video services. Email is the alternative in those cases where I am reading prose. I don’t use the phone when coaching.

3. Who You Are

You will be a fiction writer or author, though not necessarily in any particular genre. I will work with writers for short periods of time on specific projects, or over longer periods of time for writers needing more in-depth mentoring. You can be any age above 18. Please note that if you are for any reason not right for me I will not offer coaching. I don’t believe in stringing people along.

4. What Happens Next

We will have an hour talking free of charge to ascertain whether or not I can offer what you want. If the result is positive, we can go from there. Sessions could be weekly or more often, or less frequent if required. Generally speaking, sessions will take place in late afternoon, evenings, or at the weekend; also during holiday periods at most times of the day. You will need to pay the agreed fee per session at the end of each one. We will formalise an agreement in writing by email, which will constitute the basis upon which we work. You can withdraw from coaching at any stage.

5. Contact

Contact me via this blog for further details. You can also contact me via my author page on Facebook.

Stephen Palmer