The Girl With One Friend

With the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden on their trail and Sir Tantalus Blackmore’s crooked men closing in, Kora and her best friend Erasmus Darwin must survive from day to day and try to uncover the monstrous plots surrounding them.

Yet even though they have friends and allies, danger is never far away, and soon they find themselves on the run. But when all seems lost, an unlikely helping hand is extended by their enemy.

And so, facing a tragic deadline mere months away, Kora and Erasmus make a fateful decision that saves their lives but places them at the mercy of those who would oppose, chase and capture them. Some of their new friends may not be friends after all…

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The Employment Problem.


‘Second book in the trilogy so my comments for the first all apply… This story does get better and better… what an adventure! I loved it! Major warning though… I have read many a book containing emotive subjects and have been left dry eyed… but this one really touched me… review reader… I cried!’ [amazon]

‘The world Palmer has created is, I think, testament to his quality as a writer. Often it’s intriguing, surprising and (most importantly) believable. What he does not do is allow that world to intrude in the story. It sits there providing a glittering backdrop of brass, clockwork and steam for all the events but it never overpowers the plot. A good lesson to any fledgling writer in the art of world building. All-in-all, something a little bit different, refreshing and highly recommended.’ [amazon]

‘… follows on from The Girl with Two Souls as the second volume in Stephen Palmer’s Factory Girl trilogy and makes a very good sequel to that book. If anything the writing is slightly better the pacing a little faster and the action a bit more immediate; in the previous book it did occasionally feel a little incidental… In parts thought provoking, often intriguing and always well written…’ [amazon]


The Girl With One Friend – original cover