The Girl With No Soul

The Girl With No Soul

It is 1911…

Returning to Britain from Africa, Erasmus and Roka find themselves thrown into a perilous sequence of chase, capture and escape. Yet they must return to Sheffield as fast as they can, and in secret, there to prepare for an inevitable confrontation inside Sir Tantalus Blackmore’s Factory.

But it is not only Sir Tantalus whom they must face. As the British Army, automaton horrors and a band of desperate Marxist engineers converge around the Factory, Erasmus and Roka must decide who to trust and who to work with…

Can they overcome the fiendishly complex defences of the Factory? Will the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden stop them, or will Sir Tantalus himself step in? Who, in the end, will reach the heart of the Factory to learn its terrible secrets?

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The Employment Problem.


‘Oh my goodness I am almost relieved this is over… I was reading till 3:30 last night… It’s amazing, I can’t explain why… you’ll just have to read it… There’s something wrong with the world if this book is not given the kudos it deserves!’ [amazon]

‘Palmer keeps the pace and the intrigue going in this final book with some great action whilst at the same time building on the interesting philosophical questions raised in the previous books. How can you measure identity? Is it just the sum of a person’s memories and experiences? … This is all good thought provoking stuff, that I thoroughly enjoyed…’ [Mike Franklin, Goodreads]


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