The Autist

Data detective Mary Vine is visiting relatives when she uncovers a Chinese programme of AI development active within her own family.

Ulu Okere has only one goal: to help her profoundly disabled brother, whose unique feats of memory inspire her yet perturb the community they live in.

And in a transmuted Thailand, Somchai Chokdee is fleeing his Buddhist temple as an AI-inspired political revolution makes living there too dangerous.

In 2100 life is dominated by vast, unknowable AIs, that run most of the world and transform every society they touch. When suspicions of a Chinese conspiracy seem substantiated, Mary, Ulu and Somchai decide they must oppose it. Yet in doing so they find themselves facing something the world has never seen before…

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‘This is first class SF.’ – Tony Ballantyne

The Autist is exceptional.’ – Kim Lakin-Smith

‘This pretty much hits my sweet spot for intelligent science fiction: a deft twisting together of warring AIs, rogue androids, and the evolution of machine intelligence against a global backdrop that’s as thoughtful as it is entertaining.’ – Gary Gibson

‘… a twisty exploration of the technological destiny of the human race and the lengths to which corporations and individuals will go to manipulate others, culminating in a bittersweet finale in which, perhaps inevitably, only one party achieves what they desire.’ – Eric Brown, The Guardian

‘This is a kind of cyberpunk that’s swapped its mirrorshades for a clear vision and its leather trenchcoat for the lived-in fabric of the real world… The Autist is a good, thought-provoking read.’ – amazon