Tales From The Spired Inn

Published by NewCon Press, Tales From The Spired Inn is a collection of six short stories set in Kray, the city at the heart of Memory Seed. Three of these short stories were published some time ago: The Green Realm Below by Infinity Plus, Dr Vanchovy’s Final Case by Spectrum SF, and Granny in the ‘Strange Pleasures’ anthology. A brief fourth piece comes from the book itself. There are two new, lengthy stories set in parts of Kray not explored in the novel: Funeral For A Pyuter and First Temple.

From the back cover: ‘At the end of days stands Kray, a coastal city surrounded by and invaded by rampant vegetation, where the last humans on Earth struggle to survive in the face of nature striking back. Tales From The Spired Inn features two brand new tales and gathers together all of the author’s Kray stories in one volume. Welcome to humanity’s final days…’

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Could the Earth fight back?

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‘This is a book that thoroughly entertains while making serious points about the environment and our relationship with it. It’s literary, careful and densely atmospheric, but describes shoot-outs and adventure with a tremendous clarity of place and action. Packed with big ideas, this is pretty much the ideal small press science fiction title.’ – Interzone Magazine.

‘The city of Kray is the last remaining hold-out of humanity on Earth. Even so, it’s dying; strange wildlife stalks or grows in the streets, factions and sects bicker amongst each other and try to escape their inevitable doom. The Spired Inn is neutral ground; it’s where factions come to talk and where people can be hired. It’s surprising how prescient it is (Memory Seed was published in the mid ’90s), with the ecological catastrophe and doomed humanity. Very elegiac and elegantly written; it’s in the same vein as Dying Earth but very much more dystopian and without the high faluting Vancian prose. Recommended.’ – LibraryThing.