Tales From The Spired Inn

On September 7th this year NewCon Press will publish a collection of six short stories set in Kray, the city at the heart of Memory Seed. Three of these short stories were published some time ago: The Green Realm Below by Infinity Plus, Dr Vanchovy’s Final Case by Spectrum SF, and Granny in the ‘Strange Pleasures’ anthology. A brief fourth piece comes from the book itself. There are two new, lengthy stories set in parts of Kray not explored in the novel: Funeral For A Pyuter and First Temple.

I was really thrilled to be asked by Ian Whates to prepare this book, and look forward to seeing it published. There is to be a launch event in London on September 7th which I will be attending, along with a number of other authors also being published by NewCon Press.

The book’s front cover design has been completed, and has a suitably Art Nouveau feel to it…