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Conjuror Girl Volume 2 Out Today

Monica Orvan, volume two of my Conjuror Girl trilogy, is out today.

Monica Orvan, cover by Tom Brown

Conjuror Girl Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Library book launch

My book launch at Shrewsbury Library was today, and here’s some photos courtesy Joe Shooman. Big thanks to Tracey and Rhys, Joe and Katherine, Lee, and my sister, who unexpectedly appeared!

Conjuror Girl blog tour

Lots going on at the moment! Here’s the full list of friends hosting my December blog tour. Big thanks to them all in the blogosphere!

Tour of words

Infinite Press

Here’s the formal advertisement from the Infinite Press, publishing my Conjuror Girl trilogy.

Monique Orphan

Monique Orphan out now

Volume 1 of the Conjuror Girl trilogy is out now.

Monique Orphan cover reveal

This is the front cover artwork for Monique Orphan, volume 1 of Conjuror Girl.

Art by Tom Brown, to whom many thanks!

Conjuror Girl blog tour

I’m pleased to say that I’m putting together a blog tour for next month. This will take place from 3rd December to 17th December. Author friends and SFF World have agreed to be hosts, for which I’m very grateful. More details later…

Shropshire Magazine piece

Many thanks to Heather Large of Shropshire Magazine for the piece pictured below, which mentions the forthcoming ‘Conjuror Girl’ trilogy. Thanks also to Jamie for photographing me.

I’ve long wanted to write a work set in my home town, and it was a thrill to be interviewed.