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Blog Tour Day 7

Today the virtual tour continues with Mark Huntley-James’ blog. I’m pleased to be able to show the photo I used as inspiration for Lily for the first time!

Blog Tour Day 5

Oops! So busy with Conjuror Girl trilogy promotion I forgot to link to my guest spot at Dan Jones’ blog! Here it is…

Blog Tour Day 6

Today my host is my editor and friend Keith Brooke.

Monica Hatherley Out Today

Monica’s story concludes today as she battles Dr Noct at Kew, and finds out how her gift can best be used…

… and here’s the formal announcement from the Infinite Press.

With thanks to Keith Brooke

Shrobbesbury 1900 Part 2

A last wander through the town…

Kingsland bridge
Hafren willow
St. Chad’s
St. Chad’s to the side
Old passage

Blog Tour Day 4

Many thanks to the fab Nimue Brown for hosting day 4 of my virtual tour

Monica Hatherley Cover Reveal

Here it is! Big thanks to Tom Brown for the cover concept and artwork. Many thanks also to Nimue for all her support. I must also mention Keith Brooke, who is the editor authors dream of. Thanks, one and all!

Blog Tour Day 3

Very pleased that fellow genre author Sarah Ash is hosting today’s date on the blog tour.

Shrobbesbury 1900

Some new photographs…

St. Chad’s
Enigmatic steps
Tudor black and white
St. Mary’s

Conjuror Girl blog tour

Lots going on at the moment! Here’s the full list of friends hosting my December blog tour. Big thanks to them all in the blogosphere!

Tour of words