Short Stories

Memory Seed stories:

The Green Realm Below (Infinity Plus website)

Dr Vanchovy’s Last Case (Spectrum SF magazine)

Granny (Strange Pleasures – Cosmos Books)

These three stories plus two brand new ones were republished by Newcon Press in 2019 under the title Tales From The Spired Inn.

General short stories:

A Biosphere Ends (Rocket Science – Mutation Press)

The Crossroads (Unspoken Water 2 magazine)

The Fayre (Unspoken Water 3 magazine)

Oceantide (Unspoken Water 4 magazine)

Brwydr Am Ryddid (Further Conflicts – NewCon Press)

Eluna (Solaris Rising New SF – Solaris)

Xana-La (Where Are We Going? – Eibonvale Press)

[“An interesting and well written adventure story, which reminded me a bit of good old-fashioned adventure stories.” (Rising Shadow)

“This irreverent story is full of eccentric chaps, and gleaming with brass.” (Warpcore)

“… exuberantly off the wall… a glorious tale of adventure and derring do, as explorers set off to a mythical land simply to prove its existence, but in doing so must take on the laws of time and space, the whole thing gleefully over the top and informed by a pseudo steampunk sensibility.” (Black Static)]

The Mines Of Sorrow (Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction online)

Blanknoir (punkPunk! – Dog Horn Press)

Palestinian Sweets (Femme/Noir – NewCon Press)

Nobody Likes Worms (Boo Books)

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (After The Fall – Boo Books)

Sheepthing (Kraxon)

The Chosen One (Tickety Boo Press)

Gasoline Alley (Revolutions – Manchester Speculative Fiction Society)

A Second Infection (Woodbridge Books)

You Bringers Of Oxygen (Improbable Botany – Wayward Plants)

White Face Tribe (The Once & Future Moon – Eibonvale Press)

Goodbye (FCC charity – Fictions: Health & Care Re-imagined #1)

Genomancer (FCC charity – Fictions: Health & Care Re-imagined #2)

George (FCC charity – Fictions: Health & Care Re-imagined #3)

The Birth Of Liquid Plejades (Newcon Press, No More Heroes)