No Grave For A Fox


In Beautiful Intelligence Stephen Palmer told a global story of artificial intelligence in a fractured, dangerous future, overseen by the eyes of the nexus. Now in No Grave For A Fox he continues the tale, returning to Kid Indigo, the mysterious AI last seen isolated and disorientated in the ruins of Seattle.

The year is 2110. In Africa, water and food shortages force many people to exist hand-to-mouth, including a couple of itinerant street musicians, Ibrahim and Elodie. When a Japanese dog appears one evening at a gig Elodie befriends it, but soon the lives of the couple are entangled with both the dog and enigmatic nexus wizard Zouhair Fox.

Soon the trio find themselves taking part in a nexus revolution that threatens to cover Africa, and perhaps the whole world.

Cover image by Steve Jones (who also created the art for Beautiful Intelligence).


“Great book and follow on to Beautiful Intelligence. I really enjoy Stephen’s style of writing and story telling. Not only is he a great author but also a very talented musician, this shows through in the musical knowledge that is woven into his novels. Someone who is well worth reading and listening to.” – Neil Wilson via

 “A fun follow-up from Palmer’s novel Beautiful Intelligence, involving a couple of characters from there in an entirely unrelated story line. (Well, mostly unrelated.)

Didn’t have quite the strength of the original novel for me, though. Not sure I can identify why. My gut says it’s the linguistic style of Zouhair Fox, or simply the way the whole thing is knit together. (This review is being written 2 books after I finished this book, so I’m a little fuzzy.)

Still, I enjoyed it enough for a 4-star rating. If you enjoyed the original, you’ll enjoy this, too. If you haven’t read the original, it’s not crucial for you to have done so; the book will stand fine on its own (though you’re missing something if you don’t read BI first.) ” – Jay Batson on Goodreads