Monique Orphan

Volume 1 of the Conjuror Girl trilogy, published on November 11th 2021 by the Infinite Press. Cover art by Tom Brown.

In an alternate 1899…

Monique Orphan, resident for as long as she can remember at Shrobbesbury Orphanage, has a strange talent, which she neither understands nor can control. This talent however is only supposed to be possessed by men.

Should she conceal her ability, or should she be true to herself? If she hides her gift, she will languish, but if she follows her true calling she will be pursued, caught, and experimented upon by men whose talents are greater than her own…


‘The plot is highly engaging and keeps moving at a good pace throughout, providing surprises aplenty. The fantastical elements are original, and it’s easy to suspend your disbelief and go along with them. The alternate Victorian England Stephen offers is rich with strange and curious things, and is a pleasing place to spend time. The books run on from each other, so spare yourself some frustration and buy all three at once.’ – Nimue Brown, Druidlife Blog.

‘I read the book in two long sittings, I quite literally found it hard to put down. I loved the setting, and the characters and Monique herself. I walked hand in hand down that winding path that didn’t lead where the path of the ‘talent child’ normally leads. The dark overtones, and moral ambiguity were all perfectly pitched… It is a little dark, it is a little chilling even. Monique’s world is dark and chilling and she is a perfect reflection of it. In the end I can only say this; when I finally finished it, I ordered the next two books of the trilogy straight away.’ – Mark Hayes, Passing Place Blog.