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Zaïdmouth is a far-future paradise. Its five communities are intertwined by artificial flower networks so complex they combine to create the virtual realities through which Zaïdmouth is run. Yet into this vivid world a bad seed is about to be sown.

Mansuruquyn, Priestess-Interpreter, has broken the rules of the Shrine of the Crone. Exiled, she is forced to live in Zaïdmouth for one season. But who are the two mysterious men who run the empty inn in which she shelters? And what is their connection with the metal beasts of the Cemetery?

Nuïy is a young man leaving the stifling home he hates. Making for the Shrine of the Emerald Man, he discovers a world of order and domineering wills. But what secret plan do the leaders of the Shrine foment? And why do they embrace Nuïy’s unique skill with such enthusiasm?

It is the fate of Mansuruqyun and Nuïy to come together in a struggle to determine the future of Zaïdmouth. There will be battles covert and open, betrayal and loyalty, capture and escape. But after all this, which single person will provide the blueprint for the future? Who can make a good flower from a bad seed?

Set in a vibrant future world, Flowercrash is the new novel from the acclaimed author of Memory Seed and Glass.

Short film about Flowercrash here. 


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Natural Limits In Flowercrash.


(Aural Innovations, Apr 2003): I would urge science fiction fans to read the novel… It’s an exciting and thought provoking story that is well worth seeking out.

(Infinity Plus, 2003): As befits a book that advocates the power of emotion, Flowercrash is jam-packed with powerful scenes, both uplifting and shocking (and frequently within the same chapter). It’s a credit to Palmer’s writing that his characters demand such investment from the reader, and with some richly peculiar scenery to boot Flowercrash makes for very satisfying reading. Hopefully more is to come.


original Wildside cover (3D images by George Cairns)