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Conjuror Girl new review

Great new review from Mark Hayes at the Passing Place blog, concluding his thoughts on the Conjuror Girl trilogy.

Shrewsbury Museum Workshop

I’m pleased to say I’ve been asked to give a workshop at Shrewsbury Museum in June, following on from the enjoyable and successful Write Here, Write Now event last Friday. My theme will be “firsts” – first sentence, first paragraph, plus book titles and blurbs. It will be a two hour workshop, with attendees only needing pen and paper.

The museum…

Museum Event Tonight

I’m looking forward to it!

Shrewsbury Museum Event

On Friday 25th March, starting at 7:30pm, I’ll be one of the guest authors at the Shrewsbury Museum evening. Maggie Love is hosting the evening; she’s the artistic director at Shrewsbury Youth Theatre, amongst many other things.

The evening begins in and around the current Ladybird Exhibition. We guest authors will be talking about our creative processes, modes of writing, etc, and our careers in general. I’ll have a few copies of my novels for sale. Come along if you can!

Tickets are ten pounds.


Author Event

I’m pleased to have been invited to attend an author event with four others at Shrewsbury Museum. Called ‘Write Here, Write Now,’ it’s on 25th March at 7pm. All welcome, and wine is promised.

Quite near the museum.

Live Readings

Local to Shrewsbury? Come on down!


Dan Jones and Phyrebrat of SFF Chronicles have begun a podcast covering various aspects of the genre, and I’m delighted to be their first guest. We spoke about Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, before heading off into my own career as an author.

To listen to Chronscast, check your podcast provider, or use the links below. They are hosted by Anchor by Spotify, but are also listed at the places below.

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Radio Public



Chronscast RSS Feed

Monique Orphan Reading

Big thanks to Joe Shooman of Shrewsbury Library for preparing this video of me reading an excerpt from Monique Orphan. This was at the library book launch in November.

2022 Signposts

I thought I’d signpost a few possibilities today, New Year’s Day, to throw some light on what might happen for me during the year. These are signposts only, though, none of them leading to a confirmed destination! I hope some or all of them do, however…

1. The Humour Mines & Other Unlikely Stories. Written and audio.

2. June 6th is the 25th anniversary of the publication of my second Orbit novel Glass.

3. I sold my near-future internet novel set in China Cybergone to White Cat Publishing.

2021 Round Up

2021… a difficult year. I’m notorious for not speaking about my private life; suffice to say, it’s been extremely difficult, gruelling and relentless. But there is light at the end of the tunnel…

My year as an author has been good. At the start of the year I was much engaged with the FCCs Fictions project, which concluded in the summer with an internet debate including all four of us authors – a fun experience. Though I’ve not written much of note during the year, I did, with the great and insightful help of my editor Keith Brooke, prepare my Conjuror Girl trilogy, published this and last month by the Infinite Press. Two reviews so far have given it much praise, which I’m thrilled with. I also finished and had published my book on Tangerine Dream, with SonicBond Publishing, which I much enjoyed writing.

Elsewhere, I continued working with Joe Shooman of Shrewsbury Library for the Writer’s Lab, including a good few special guests.

On 4th April I celebrated the 25th anniversary of the publication of my Orbit debut Memory Seed, for which I designed a brand new cover. I also sold to White Cat Publishing my near future internet novel Cybergone. I only had one short story published during the year, for the Newcon Press anthology No More Heroes, edited by Ian Whates. This story celebrated the surreal life of the late, great Edgar Froese.