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Xmas Blog

Big thanks to James Worrad for hosting a special Xmas post on his blog. Merry (green) Xmas everyone!

Blog Tour Day 14

End of the blog tour today! Big thanks to Jo Zebedee, today’s host, and to all my hosts during the last two weeks. Much appreciated!

Blog Tour Day 13

The blog tour is today delighted to be with author Andrew Leon Hudson.

Blog Tour Day 12

Today the virtual tour stops at SFF World. Big thanks to Mark Yon for his help with this.

Blog Tour Day 11

Today the virtual tour is delighted to be at Peat Long’s Blog.

Blog Tour Day 10

Today’s blog tour is with Craig Hallam at his Patreon page.

Blog Tour Day 9

Today’s host is Tony Ballantyne.

Blog Tour Day 8

With thanks today to Juliana Spink-Mills.

Blog Tour Day 7

Today the virtual tour continues with Mark Huntley-James’ blog. I’m pleased to be able to show the photo I used as inspiration for Lily for the first time!

Blog Tour Day 5

Oops! So busy with Conjuror Girl trilogy promotion I forgot to link to my guest spot at Dan Jones’ blog! Here it is…