Book Cover Design

One of the author services I offer is book cover design. I have designed quite a few of my own book covers, mostly using Photoshop, in which I have twenty-six years experience and which I used to teach informally to sixth form students.

If you would like me to design a book cover using Photoshop such as the one above, feel free to get in touch for further information, including a range of prices. If you want your cover to be based on an illustration (i.e. on paper) that will be roughly the same price, unless the image itself needs work. What I will need from you is (i) five to ten words indicating the atmosphere of the book (ii) the first chapter of the book (no more) and (iii) some idea of what you would like when it is finished.

All the above covers were designed by me. In some cases (as with The Girl With Two Souls above, and Tommy Catkins below) that was with my editor making useful suggestions to improve the design – for instance, changing the placing of the lettering on The Girl With Two Souls to improve the look.