The Hidden Landscape by Richard Fortey

by stephenpalmersf

A classic in popular geology since 1993, this updated book by Britain’s favourite geologist and consumer of mushrooms is a tour de force of witty, informative and entertaining writing. Beginning in the wilds of (geologically speaking) the most ancient part of Britain, the Scottish uplands, this superbly well written jaunt then covers the rest of Scotland, Wales and the Midlands, the Westcountry, then the more youthful parts of England, ending up on the swiftly eroding coasts of East Anglia. The style is somehow light and academic, with diversions presented as charming interludes, most of them confirming the author’s erudition and wit.

My favourite chapters of course were those dealing with my own places: Shropshire, North and Mid Wales, and other parts of the Marches. The author is a fan of the extraordinary and complex geology of the Church Stretton area, which is a bonus. All in all, a terrific read. Very enjoyable.