2021 Round Up

by stephenpalmersf

2021… a difficult year. I’m notorious for not speaking about my private life; suffice to say, it’s been extremely difficult, gruelling and relentless. But there is light at the end of the tunnel…

My year as an author has been good. At the start of the year I was much engaged with the FCCs Fictions project, which concluded in the summer with an internet debate including all four of us authors – a fun experience. Though I’ve not written much of note during the year, I did, with the great and insightful help of my editor Keith Brooke, prepare my Conjuror Girl trilogy, published this and last month by the Infinite Press. Two reviews so far have given it much praise, which I’m thrilled with. I also finished and had published my book on Tangerine Dream, with SonicBond Publishing, which I much enjoyed writing.

Elsewhere, I continued working with Joe Shooman of Shrewsbury Library for the Writer’s Lab, including a good few special guests.

On 4th April I celebrated the 25th anniversary of the publication of my Orbit debut Memory Seed, for which I designed a brand new cover. I also sold to White Cat Publishing my near future internet novel Cybergone. I only had one short story published during the year, for the Newcon Press anthology No More Heroes, edited by Ian Whates. This story celebrated the surreal life of the late, great Edgar Froese.