Conjuror Girl trilogy update

by stephenpalmersf

Owing to life getting in the way, the publication schedule for Conjuror Girl has been tweaked a little, so that the publication dates are now: 11th November, 25th November and 9th December. The three cover art images have been completed and delivered by Tom and Nimue Brown, and, if I may say so, are looking rather fabulous.

Publicity is also underway. I’ve done an interview (and been photographed) for Shropshire Life, and have further interviews scheduled. I hope to make some short video blog pieces in Shrewsbury next week – weather permitting – which will be a first for me. Looking forward to that. Also, my Writers’ Lab colleague Joe Shooman is arranging a videoed interview with me at the Shrewsbury Library, which I’m looking forward to.

Keep tuned to this blog as the publication dates approach…