Tangerine Dream book update

by stephenpalmersf

Work has been steaming ahead recently on the Tangerine Dream In The 1970s book coming out from SonicBond Publishing. The book has now been completed to my satisfaction and that of Stephen Lambe (head honcho at SonicBond), and a publication date set: 25th November. The book can be pre-ordered now (see links below). I am really pleased with this venture, I think the book gives a different perspective on the music – which was the brief I was given by Stephen Lambe. Many TD expert friends have helped, including my friends Steve Dinsdale and Andy King, both well known in the TD world. I’m particularly pleased to say that Wouter Bessels cast his eye over the MS, corrected a few minor errors and spelling mistakes, and relayed to Stephen that he really liked the book. That means a lot to me!

So… here are the links, and below you can see an image of the front cover.