by stephenpalmersf

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold my near future SF novel Cybergone to Rick Moore at White Cat Publications. Special thanks to Rick and to Jude Matulich-Hall. Cybergone is a novel of later this century in which an enigmatic illness called Empathy Negation Disorder, found only in China, is laying waste to the Chinese people. This illness has been denied and concealed by the Chinese Communist Party. The novel takes two strands, one of which follows the story of Zhou Qi, whose seven-year-old son has END, but who has insight into the possible causes of the illness because of his tech background. The other strand follows three Anglo-Chinese musicians undertaking a tour of China, dates which, as they progress, reveal far more sinister motives than just entertaining fans. This novel was inspired by my increasing unease at how the online world and social media in particular is altering the brains, and therefore the minds, of children…

The tank man vs the CCP.