Why I Blame Men

by stephenpalmersf

Men* could easily change the inhumane social circumstances they set up for themselves, but they don’t.

Men refuse to see the truth of the social world they set up, instead seeing only their version of it.

Men refuse to acknowledge any version of reality exists other than their own.

Men promulgate only their own version of reality, which bears little relation to the human truth.

Men devised patriarchy for themselves and themselves alone: a self-selecting elite.


Men allow themselves recourse to violence if they can’t control and dominate any other way.

Men deliberately remove themselves from the consequences of their violence.

Men use any and every technique to justify their violence regardless of the truth of it.

Men like war, and want it.


Men reject human connection, instead substituting “honour,” “buddies,” and any number of other cold substitutes.

Men dehumanise others via characteristics such as race, which happens because first they dehumanised women.

Men rejected mythos in favour of logos, through which it was much easier to lie.


Men believe they have the right to be where they are in the social world, and expect everyone else to believe it too.

Men believe they have more to lose than to gain if they change.


Men justify all their beliefs via religion and secular custom, expecting everybody else to believe the same.


The problem of patriarchy cannot be solved until its fundamental level is seen, described and understood. That means focusing on the problem: men.

*Think I mean all men? Think again.