Xana-La, narrated

by stephenpalmersf

I’m delighted to say that my short story Xana-La, published ten years ago in the Eibonvale Press anthology Where Are We Going? has been narrated by Roger Watson, who did the podcast and audio book versions of Hairy London (Moonlightmakers and Jeeni.com respectively). We hope that the new narration will be available soon via Jeeni.

I’m also now able to announce that I’m working on a new short novel set in the world of Hairy London entitled The Humour Mines. Where the original book asked “What is love?” this new work asks “What is humour?” The novel once again follows Sheremy Pantomile & co. in a surreal, bizarre, but deeply meaningful quest. I can honestly say I’m having enormous fun returning to my absurdist world!

Xana-La cover