Future Care Capital Fictions

by stephenpalmersf

A few months ago I was approached, along with two other authors, to write three short stories under the banner Fictions: Health And Care Re-Imagined.

This project, funded by the Future Care Capital charity, aims to foster discussion about the future of health care and social care in this country, with dates in mind of around 2030 – 2050, and thinking especially about the up-sides and down-sides of increasing use of technology. Edited by the indefatigable Keith Brooke, my first story Goodbye concerns the future of end-of-life care. Other opening stories are on the way, from Anne Charnock, Keith Brooke and Liz Williams. The whole project will run for twelve months, with one story being published every month. The marvellous illustrations are done by Vinny Chong.

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