Factory Girl update

by stephenpalmersf

After I finished writing the Factory Girl trilogy I realised there was one further story to tell. This novel, though written by the time Factory Girl was brought out by Infinity Plus Books, was not published at the time.

Factory Girl takes place in 1910 and 1911, but at the very end of the final volume there is a foreshadowing of the conflict to come, as Erasmus, his uncle and Sir Herbert Spencer discuss the likelihood of a forthcoming Continental war. The fourth novel, The Conscientious Objector, is set in 1914 and 1915, and follows Erasmus’ experiences in Europe during those years. One other main character, Claudia Cooper, goes along with him…

The plan is to re-jacket the original trilogy with illustrations by Tom and Nimue Brown, both of whom are well known in the steampunk world. The Conscientious Objector will have an equivalent cover. All four novels should be available around the turn of the year.