Donald Trump & the Media

by stephenpalmersf

There have been a lot of news reports and commentaries in that last couple of days referencing Donald Trump blaming the media for all his and America’s woes. Quite a few explanations have been offered, many of which have been wide of the mark.

As described in posts elsewhere on my blog (I, II, III), Trump’s obsession with what he believes is the media misreporting him, spreading “fake news” and harassing him derives from his intense, malignant narcissism. Like all such people, Trump feels the strongest possible urge to reach out and turn the real world into the best copy of his imaginary one. And this is the strategy behind the deeds of all tyrants, dictators and monomaniacs: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Thatcher, Mao et al. They are not interested in the world we live in because it is independent, running according to its own laws. What they wish to experience out there in reality is a copy of their imaginary world.

It should therefore be no surprise that the media – who, however imperfectly, represent the truth of the real world – is his number one enemy. It is the media countering his imaginary world. The oppose it by describing the real world, using facts.

It is reality that narcissists such as Trump have no connection with, and indeed no real interest in, except in that they experience it then reach out to replace it with their own imaginary versions. For all dangerous narcissists such as Trump the real world therefore is a perpetual prime enemy. Associates describe Trump’s never-ending rages – a classic diagnostic symptom of intense narcissism. This rage comes from the inevitable abyss between the real world, which can only be controlled or changed to a limited extent, and Trump’s imagination. The real world will never lie down and do what Trump wants. It is forever independent. Luckily for us, the media represent and articulate that independence, through facts, reality, and the truth.