My music, part 1

by stephenpalmersf

I rarely talk in author or SF circles about the music which I write and record, because generally speaking I’ve had a bit of a negative response to this aspect of my creative life, in those places anyway. Some people are interested and supportive, but at least as many are the opposite. So, for a few days here on my blog I’m going to highlight a few of my favourite pieces recorded over the years.

Blue Lily Commission has been my solo “world-fusion” project for eighteen years now, focusing on the various unusual instruments that I play, mixed with high-tech synthesizers and the like. A while back I bought some beautiful Indonesian flutes – the suling as it’s known over there – one of which seemed to have an Indian vibe when I played it, a bit like the bansuri, which I definitely can’t play. So here is a short piece for solo flute, which I improvised (I think I kept the second take) over a pre-recorded tanpura drone.