Factory Girl reviews & ebook offer

by stephenpalmersf

On the back of a really nice new review of the Factory Girl trilogy from Steampunk enthusiast Nimue Brown, Infinity Plus Books have reduced the price of volume 1 of the trilogy for a week or so:

Overall the plot is unpredictable, engaging, challenging and will make you think… Although the main characters are in their teens, I don’t think this is a YA novel particularly. I like that about it. The assumption that we only want to read about characters who are of an age with us needs challenging. Younger folk could read it, but it has clearly been written with adults readers in mind. It’s a fascinating book(s) and I very much enjoyed it.

And a new review on amazon.com:

I found the entire trilogy to be riveting and found myself absorbed in the seesawing development of Kora and Roka’s fate. Palmer’s themes are provocative and intense, yet it all occurs within an almost non-stop action and suspense context, full of colorful characters, both good, evil and somewhere in between. The end result is both a good fun yarn, and a food-for-thought indictment of religion, capitalism, and, by extension, the environment that Palmer has written so extensively about.

The ebook has been set to 99p on amazon.co.uk.



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