Haikus, updated

by stephenpalmersf

Some new ones added!


Memory Seed

Last city on Earth,
Pummelled by rain and verdure.
Enigmatic doom.



Same, but alien.
Two artificial creatures,
Struggle for closure.



Back on Earth again,
Pro embodied existence,
Not abstract. The end.



Century two-two,
Deep in cyber Africa,
Dreadful betrayal.



Written for psych folk,
Free-flowing and musical.
You’ll need festi-chops.


The Rat & The Serpent

A dark gothic twist,
Like ancient black-and-white film,
No colour at all.


Urbis Morpheos

Mushrooms a-plenty,
Million years in the future,
Totally weird, man.


Hairy London

London gentlemen,
Do that Jules Verne thing – for love.
Extremely silly.


Beautiful Intelligence

Still selling okay,
Cyberpunk and Afro-punk?
Ending needs some work.


No Grave For a Fox

Musicians and dog.
Staple it onto BI,
Like new plastic wings.


The Girl With Two Souls

Taken from Bedlam,
Chased, frightened, then all alone,
Kora’s in trouble.


The Girl With One Friend

Twist following twist,
Darkness pierced by dark lanterns,
You only live once.


The Girl With No Soul

Erasmus, Roka,
Side by side in a landau.
Is there a God? No.