10 Renaissance faves

by stephenpalmersf

I’ve never understood why Renaissance are so little known and cared about in their home country of Britain – they had far more success in America. With an outstanding line-up (all brilliant musicians), a unique singer in Annie Haslam, a brilliant songwriter in Michael Dunford and a brilliant lyricist in Cornish poet Betty Thatcher, they had everything going for them; and in the proggy ’70s they did do well. Their legacy is a series of exceptional albums, with the prime period being 1972 – 1979. Here are my favourite songs.

1 Ocean Gypsy
2 On The Frontier
3 Carpet Of The Sun
4 Trip To The Fair
5 Song Of Scheherezade
6 Things I Don’t Understand
7 Northern Lights
8 Opening Out
9 The Sisters
10 Spare Some Love