Klaus Schulze faves

by stephenpalmersf

A return to electronic music in today’s Music Miscellanea list… Klaus Schulze was up there with Tangerine Dream in my early musical discoveries. Between 1975 and 1982 he produced a series of groundbreaking albums, most of which are regarded now with awe. “X” is my favourite I think, and may well qualify as the most remarkable electronic music album of all time. I well remember buying my first Schulze album – Dig It – in my local university record shop, and being impressed by the fact that side 2 was all one track. Those were the days!

1 Friedrich Nietzsche
2 Floating
3 A Few Minutes After Trancefer
4 Velvet Voyage
5 Spielglocken
6 Crystal Lake
7 Mindphaser
8 Wahnfried 1883
9 The Beat Planante
10 Death Of An Analogue