The Mushroom Eaters

by stephenpalmersf

I made a rather startling discovery yesterday.

In 2006 I sold Urbis Morpheos to Pete Crowther at PS Publishing. For various personal and other reasons it wasn’t published until 2010. That version however was taken from a greatly amended draft, which was unlike the original draft – a novel then called The Mushroom Eaters.

Yesterday, quite by accident, I stumbled across the original files on my Mac, files I had thought long since lost. They were all labelled Unix Executable File (a term I had to have explained to me by the online hive-mind) and were all dated November 2001. To my surprise and delight I was able to copy & paste every file into two new Word documents, each coming in at around 90,000 words.

So… this presents me with the option of reconstituting the original, full novel: Urbis Morpheos and Astra Gaia. (Like the Factory Girl trilogy, this would be one long novel in more than one volume.) The 2010 reviews hovered between mixed and good – it is a complex, challenging novel – so I’m not sure I will go ahead and remake the original novel. But it is quite tempting…


Urbis Morpheos, 2010