Walking into the imagination

by stephenpalmersf

I read this review of Waterstones Book of the Year The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry and it chimed exactly with how I felt about the Factory Girl trilogy:-

… the plot for the novel “walked into her imagination” fully formed as she passed the village of Henham, the real-life model for Aldwinter and home of the legend at the heart of the book. “I was driving past Henham with my husband when he mentioned the legend,” she told the Guardian. “By the time we reached home 45 minutes later I had the entire outline of the book in my head, including Cora Seaborne and her son.”

She likened writing the book, which comes in at more than 100,000 words, to a “possession”. “I felt so full of joy writing it. It was as if I had read this book several times and loved it so much that the only way to tell people about it was to write it and let them read it for themselves.”   (The Guardian)