Out & About

by stephenpalmersf

I’ve been out and about for a few days. On Tuesday I met folk from the Hull SF Group, who I’d not seen for twelve years – far too long… Estelle and Dave Roberts were super hosts, and everyone else was jolly nice. We discussed some of my work, also topics such as genealogical research (really fascinating), the origins of fairy tales, religion, and how very annoying it is when people don’t put apostrophes in the right place, or use them where they shouldn’t!

On Wednesday evening I attended the Arthur C. Clarke Award event, held at Foyle’s bookshop in Charing Cross Road (my novel Beautiful Intelligence had been long-listed, along with 117 others). I stepped out of Euston railway station into what seemed to be a dusty sauna crowned with thunder-threatening clouds. The event itself was excellent, and I am especially grateful to Ian Whates of NewCon Press for his kindness. Also good to meet some of Ian’s friends, and also Andrew M. Butler, who was the chair of the judges. Adrian Tchaikovsky was a much-feted winner. I had to leave slightly early to catch the last train back to Shrewsbury, eventually dragging myself into my house at about 1.30 am… Well worth one late night though!