A Rough Ride To The Future by James Lovelock

by stephenpalmersf

As a lifelong fan and supporter of this exceptional man and scientist, I’ve read all of Lovelock’s books, so I feel I can put this one into some sort of perspective. It contains the usual quotient of interesting, possibly even world-changing ideas, but they are sparsely distributed among the pages. Too much time is spent speculating about things the author isn’t really qualified to speak about. That’s not to say he shouldn’t – we’re all human beings, and we’re all qualified in some way to speak about our world. The SF and future speculations here though are naive and not convincing. The environmental/Earth/planetary science elements however are up to Lovelock’s usual extraordinary standard. I don’t think this book will stand the test of time in the way that Gaia, Homage To Gaia and Medicine For An Ailing Planet will. Well worth a read though, as are all his books.


A Rough Ride To The Future