Xana-La free promotion

by stephenpalmersf

Free Promotion on Smashwords (also Kobobooks.com)

My short story Xana-La is now free to download as an ebook story. This story was originally published in Allen Ashley’s anthology Where Are We Going?, published a couple of years ago by Eibonvale Press.

This is the short story that inspired me to write my forthcoming novel Hairy London, which will be published very soon by Infinity Plus. Enjoy!



“An interesting and well written adventure story, which reminded me a bit of good old-fashioned adventure stories” (Rising Shadow)
“This irreverent story is full of eccentric chaps, and gleaming with brass.” (Warpcore)
“… exuberantly off the wall… a glorious tale of adventure and derring do, as explorers set off to a mythical land simply to prove its existence, but in doing so must take on the laws of time and space, the whole thing gleefully over the top and informed by a pseudo steampunk sensibility.” (Black Static)

Xana-La cover

Xana-La cover