La Femme and Noir from NewCon

by stephenpalmersf

Delighted to be able to say that my story Palestinian Sweets is the lead story in the forthcoming dual anthology La Femme and Noir from the NewCon Press; my story begins the former volume. This looks like being a particularly intriguing anthology, so congrats to Ian Whates for setting it up… and look at this author list!

Frances Hardinge – Slink-Thinking                  
Storm Constantine – A Winter Bewitchment
Andrew Hook – Softwood
Adele Kirby – Soleil
Stewart Hotston – Haecceity
John Llewellyn Probert – The Girl with No Face
Jonathan Oliver – High Church
Maura McHugh – Valerie
Holly Ice – Trysting Antlers
Ruth E.J. Booth – The Honey Trap
Benjanun Sriduangkaew – Elision
E.J. Swift – The Crepuscular Hunter
Adam Roberts – Gross Thousand
Donna Scott – The Grimoire
Emma Coleman – The Treehouse
Paula Wakefield – Red in Tooth and Claw
Simon Kurt Unsworth – Private Ambulance
Jay Caselberg – Bite Marks
Marie O’Regan – Inspiration Point
Paul Graham Raven – The Boardinghouse Heart
Simon Morden – Entr’acte
James Worrad – Silent in Her Vastness
Paul Kane – Grief Stricken
Alex Dally McFarlane – The (De)Composition of Evidence