Thought-provoking review of ‘The Rat & The Serpent’

by stephenpalmersf

A thought-provoking review of The Rat & The Serpent has appeared on GoodReads, written by American engineer and avid SF reader J. L. Dobias.  The review is interesting, referring specifically to the fact that the novel uses characters both as real people and as cyphers, or symbols, for deeper concepts – in the case of this novel, fairy-tale archetypes.

Though at the time I thought I got the balance about right between person and symbol, I probably did weigh a little too much in the direction of symbol, especially with Atavalens and Raknia. The novel was intended to be a dark, gothic version of the classic ‘Little Prince’ fable. I used a similar notion in Urbis Morpheos, but in a much milder fashion.

It’s always nice when reviewers take the time and trouble to speak at length about a work, and I thank J. L. Dobias for his review.


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