Review of ‘Xana-La’

by stephenpalmersf

Ros Jackson’s review of ‘Xana-La’ from “Where Are We Going?” (Warpcore)

Where are we going? It’s a question all science fiction asks in one way or another, but with a couple of notable exceptions this anthology of odd journeys doesn’t take us to the far reaches of outer space or the distant future. Rather it’s about finding the unexplored and the eerie right here on Earth, often in places we thought we knew… I suppose I’m biased towards writing that takes me somewhere upbeat. And where could be more cheerful than Shangri-La, or Xana-La as Stephen Palmer renames it in his steampunk adventure of the same name. Franclin and Pharaday are members of the Suicide Club of dedicated travellers, and they set out in a flying “machinora” in search of a legendary secret city. This irreverent story is full of eccentric chaps and gleaming with brass.

The review covers many of the other stories too from this great anthology by Eibonvale Press.