by stephenpalmersf

I’m currently completing my short story for Andrew Hook’s forthcoming punkPunk! anthology. Hopefully he’ll like it. As Andrew says:-

“For those of us of a certain generation, punk was a defining force for a DIY-attitude that revolutionized music and empowered youngsters with self-belief and a determination for change that became a major cultural UK phenomenon. Punk encapsulated youthful rebellion and embraced a variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies, and whilst musically the punk revolution took place within a very short time span, its influence continues to permeate modern day culture, from music to other art forms to an identifiable way of life.”

Punk was big news for me. In 1976 I was 14 and my ears picked up the sound of The Stranglers. They and The Damned remain my punk icons to this day. In particular I was attracted to the keyboard-suffused sounds of The Stranglers, whose musicality hinted at their slightly older attitude and slightly different background.

In my story I’m going for a kind of hyper-‘seventies feel, following the lead of my favourite Stranglers album, Black & White…