Stephen Palmer at Infinity Plus

by stephenpalmersf

I’m thrilled to announce that all seven of my novels will soon be available from Infinity Plus as ebooks (three of them have been there for a while).

I have long admired both Keith Brooke’s books (The Unlikely World Of Faraway Frankie is fab) and also his tireless work at Infinity Plus, so this is great news. When I worked at Waterstones in Exeter I was an enthusiastic promoter of the Nick Gifford novels, all of which are excellent.

I’m particularly thrilled to announce that Keith also plans to publish my first new novel for three or four years, Hairy London, which is totally unlike anything I’ve ever written before, unless, that is, you read my short story in the Eibonvale Press anthology Where Are We Going?

Next year Keith hopes to publish as an ebook Urbis Morpheos, originally published as a hardback in 2010 by PS Publishing. I’d like to thank Pete Crowther for all he’s dpone for me regarding Urbis, which saved me from total oblivion after I ceased working with The Wildside Press and Prime Books in America.

Today has been a good day!