by stephenpalmersf

So, Thatcher is dead. She was one of a kind who I hope we shall never see again. As a man who grew up in the ‘seventies and went to university in the ‘eighties, I suppose I am one of those changed by her. I am glad she is gone and I rejoice at her death. I see no reason to accord her respect merely because she has died. Thatcher was not merely inhumane, she took her inhumanity to a new level – not merely cruel, not callous, nor simply brutal. Nor even banal, though she was that too. Her inhumanity passed into the realm of the mathematical, the computational. Though she denied the quote later, she will be remembered for “There is no such thing as society.” That is her legacy to Britain, facilitating the appearance of a society described by economics, by consuming, by selfishness, by fragmentation, by money. Loadsamoney. Much has been made of her status as Britain’s only woman prime minister – she herself described feminism as “poison.” And she did not take on the characteristics of men to get where she did – her outlook was that of the child, black-and-white, with no hint of grey. “Strong” is not unbending, “strong” is not tough and “strong” is not bullying. Thatcher had no interest in understanding the country the leadership of which she inherited, her desire, as with all narcissists, was to impose her outlook on everybody else regardless of the consequences. The vegetables will have the same as she has. We human beings meanwhile will move on without her. So, farewell Thatcher – destroyer, narcissist, hag.