The Hobbit

by stephenpalmersf

Went to see The Hobbit last night (in 2D) and was delighted to find that it is really really good. I had been dreading cringe-worthy humour, too much padding and slow pace, but actually it held me all the way through and was never less than engrossing.

Peter Jackson has made a film of the events of the book, not of the book itself, and as such it is a fine piece of work. The two and a half hours flew by.

There were a few little misjudgements – I didn’t like the rabbits (couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough to make that work), and the scene where they fall into a huge crack in the goblins’ cave on bits of wood also didn’t work for me. Then the most unfortunate part – Azog the pale orc does the classic baddie thing of gloating, then getting a sidekick to do his work for him. WHY? Surely a director of Jackson’s standard can see through that cliche…?

These are minor quibbles though. The film is a worthy addition to the LOTR films, which I love, and I can’t wait to get it on DVD – and to see part two next year!