Still here

by stephenpalmersf

After a bit of a break for ‘life things’ (you know – holidays, chocolate biscuits, relaxing, seeing The Unthanks in Liverpool, eating lasagna in Liverpool, recording Beck Sian’s new album) I’m back to writing and preparing stuff.

At the moment my long-term plans include a major far-future SF trilogy, my first new work of this type since the first draft of Urbis Morpheos many many years ago. The new one is set 600 million years in the future and covers the future of all life on Earth. There will be four main characters – a bodhisattva, his ‘scribe’, a wolf and an owl. Expect the unexpected. I hope to have volume 1 finished at the end of 2013.

Short term plans – more short stories, and completing a final edit of Goodbye Earth for a certain publishing house.