by stephenpalmersf

At last… after well over a month of work, I have finished versions of Memory Seed, Glass and Flowercrash on my Mac. These were the first three novels I had published, beginning with my Orbit Books debut of Memory Seed in 1996.

I’m delighted to say that, 16 years later, the novels will be published as ebooks by PS Publishing, complete with brand new covers. My thanks go to Pete Crowther for his continued support of my writing.

The books form a loose trilogy following the lives of the non-human characters first introduced as noophytes in Memory Seed. In Glass, the action turns to their disastrous time on another planet, while Flowercrash follows their return to Earth and their interaction with human characters living in Zaidmouth, which exists on the ancient site of Kray from Memory Seed.

I have made three short films to support these ebooks, which in due course will appear via WordPress, Goodreads, my amazon author pages, forums, etc.