A quiet August…?

by stephenpalmersf

OK, so no posts for a while… but I am on holiday, and have been relaxing…

And I have done some work. I’ve amended my short story A Biosphere Ends for Ian Sales’ Rocket Science anthology, taking out one of the themes and expanding another. Ian was correct – too much in the cooking pot. There’s less now, which makes for easier digestion.

I’ll be sending it off to him later this week, once I’ve had another few reads “from a distance” (always a difficult trick to pull off when you’re the author of a work).

And I have been working on a new novel! But it’s not my usual kind of book, so, er, I kept quiet about it. Two thirds through as of today. It’s set in the same world as my upcoming Xana-La story, which is being published in the Eibonvale Press anthology Where Are We Going.