ebooks of Muezzinland and Hallucinating

by stephenpalmersf

I’m really pleased to say that Keith Brooke’s new ebook imprint at Infinity Plus will in the not-too-distant future be publishing two of my back catalogue novels, Muezzinland and Hallucinating. Muezzinland is the tale of two 22nd century African sisters, daughters of the Empress Of Ghana, the elder hiding a terrible secret and who runs away into the Shara, pursued by the younger.

“… the full immersion experience of neo-magic…” Gwyneth Jones, New York Review of SF

“… succeeds when many other similar attempts to fuse the mythic and the modern fail.” Matrix

“… succeeds in integrating the elements of myth and high technology, producing something of a hybrid that feels right.” Vector

“Human interest, a rich atmosphere and Palmer’s pleasingly lyrical prose keep the reader’s interest… a thoroughly enjoyable read.” Infinity Plus

“Muezzinland had me gripped from the first chapter.” Amazon.com review

“… an unusual and highly enjoyable work of future folklore.” Amazon.co.uk review

“A fascinating novel, where Africa has become the dominant continent, and technology mixes with older traditions and beliefs. The two main characters, both female, are beautifully drawn and realised, and the book holds you as a reader right to the end.” Good Reads

Hallucinating began life as a free-festival infused short story, which my then editor, Sean Wallace of Prime Books, asked to be expanded into a novel. Eventually, inspired by Gwyneth Jones, I did, and the short story metamorphosed into the novel. In this one, set in 2049, Nulight – Tibetan refugee and underground record company owner of no fixed abode – gets involved in an alien invasion, which takes place through the agency of psychedelic music. The novel is idiosyncratic to say the least, and was at least in part aimed at music fans…

“The concept of aliens perceiving our global economy as a discordant affront to their harmonic worldview is a good one, and Hallucinating as a whole offers a thoughtful examination of what music is and what it means to us on a spiritual level.” Infinity Plus

“If you’re a festie/psych/space rock fan who enjoys thought provoking science fiction and believes in the power of music as a force for touching hearts and souls, then you will surely enjoy Hallucinating.” Aural Innovations