Notes from sf author Stephen Palmer

My novels, summarised in haiku format

Memory Seed

Last city on Earth,
Pummelled by rain and verdure.
Enigmatic doom.



Same, but alien.
Two artificial creatures,
Struggle for closure.



Back on Earth again,
Pro embodied existence,
Not abstract. The end.



Century two-two,
Deep in cyber Africa,
Dreadful betrayal.



Written for psych folk,
Free-flowing and musical.
You’ll need festi-chops.


The Rat & The Serpent

A dark gothic twist,
Like ancient black-and-white film,
No colour at all.


Urbis Morpheos

Mushrooms a-plenty,
Million years in the future,
Totally weird, man.


Hairy London

London gentlemen,
Do that Jules Verne thing – for love.
Extremely silly.


Beautiful Intelligence

Still selling okay,
Cyberpunk and Afro-punk?
Ending needs some work.


No Grave For a Fox

Musicians and dog.
Staple it onto BI,
Like new plastic wings.



Vast Alchemies by G. Peter Winnington

Very much enjoyed this superbly researched, well written and intimate biography of the author of the Gormenghast books (and more). The author takes the story of his subject from early days in China, through world war and into post-war Britain, where fame, success and then illness take hold. Any Mervyn Peake fan will love this. An excellent read.


Great new Hairy London review

Great new hairy review here…

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Hairy London – cover

Sum by David Eagleman

Well… it was okay. Too many of the pieces seemed to fizzle out. A few were excellent, two seemed to me to be direct lifts from the work of genre authors I could mention, while others were just a little dull. I re-read the comments of other readers afterwards (including luminaries such as Stephen Fry, who I have much respect for) and wondered what all the fuss was about.


Meeting The Enemy by Richard Van Emden

A terrific book about human interactions leading up to and during World War 1. Although I read this for research, it turned out to be by far the best book of all the WW1 books I recently read – full of facts, many incredible, very well written, never dull, and focussing on how individuals, men and women, managed during the conflict. Would be difficult to find a better work, I think.


No Grave For A Fox – kindle edition

The Kindle edition of No Grave For A Fox is 99p on amazon at the moment.


RIP Peter Dickinson

Sad news that the brilliant children’s author Peter Dickinson has died. His debut The Weathermonger, which came to him after a particularly vivid dream, is one of very few novels I regularly re-read: its combination of a rejection of the modern world, maps and travel, and Welsh magic was a great influence on me – and still is. One day I expect to write a novel in a similar mode…

He was known across the world and influenced a great variety of writers. A terrific author and a sad loss.


Obituary in The Guardian.


Muezzinland – Author’s Edition

So we tidied up the prose a little (no, really, just a little) and gave it the cover from the ebook, also amended just a little. This is the first time Muezzinland has been available as a paperback for 10 years. Thank you, Infinity Plus Books!

MZ front FINAL

Revolutions Anthology: out now

The Revolutions anthology, in which I have a short story ‘Gasoline Alley,’ is out now.



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