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New interview

There’s a new interview with me just gone up at SFF World.


Beautiful Intelligence – kindle edition

The price of the Kindle edition is being held low for a few days.


Publication day!

Publication day… always a good feeling.

For UK fans…

For US fans…


Beautiful Intelligence – full cover reveal

b i full

New short stories sent out

Despite suffering from (i) the most vicious cold I’ve had for some time, or (ii) man-flu, I have sent out three new short stories for anthologies that piqued my interest: Revolutions, set in Manchester, Fae Visions, set in or around the Mediterranean, and Winter Tales for Fox Spirit. Not sure what the respective editors will think of my work, but the anthologies all looked interesting…


Stephen Palmer

Beautiful Intelligence cover responses

Some great forum responses to the new novel cover:


‘Humans’ on Channel 4

Reviews for Episode 1 of Channel 4’s Humans, about android “synths” …

I bailed out after about ten minutes of the programme I’m afraid, as the cliches piled up. Hopefully it will improve. The bit that interests me is the “synths in the wild becoming sentient” bit…–tv-review-robots-rogue-technology-and-middleclass-angst-10318882.html


Beautiful Intelligence – the cover

This cover image was created by computer graphics artist Steve Jones.


AI in The Guardian

All that’s new about AI in The Guardian.



#BeautifulIntelligence created for use on Twitter for the new novel.

Cover reveal set for the weekend of 13/14 June.


Infinity Plus Books


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